Search Process

  1. Our recruiters do an in-depth review of your company, obtaining an understanding of the client’s strategic and tactical needs as they relate to the positions Media Recruiting will be filling.
  2. We research and source candidates from those we’ve met, prospects already in our database, passive and active candidates at target/competitive companies, research, referrals, and strategic postings.
  3. Our recruiters perform telephone and in-person interviews to screen candidates, evaluating them for their experience, fit for the company and the job, “soft” skills, effectiveness, presentation skills, etc.
  4. We present candidates for client review inclusive of their resumes, background information and salary requirements. For those selected, we schedule client/candidate interviews.
  5. Media Recruiting assists and advises in the final evaluation phases for the top candidates selected.
  6. At the clients’ option, we conduct reference checks, and when possible do back-references.

If the client wishes, we will present the offer to the final candidate, assist in negotiations, bring closure to the process and relay the acceptance to our clients.

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