• When tasked with staffing up the NYC office for SAY Media, we immediately reached out to Media Recruiting Group to begin a partnership that has proven quite fruitful… evidenced by the fact that most of our NYC team members have come through their outstanding organization. They are strategic in their search, gaining a working knowledge of our business and sales needs.

    We’ve actually grown together coming from the same media career history, and this mutual learning and understanding provides even deeper insight as to ‘who’ can work on our digital team.

    We happily continue our relationship with MRG, and they are the first team we turn to whenever considering growing our sales organization.

  • I want to thank you & your team because Media Recruiting Group has found some great candidates for our senior sales position,and your team has worked cohesively and relentlessly to deliver.  No other recruiter has come close.  Kudos!

  •  I had the good fortune of being introduced to Steve Goldberg sometime ago,and I quickly recognized that very few executive search firms within the digital media and advertising space were as professional and knowledgeable as was Steve and his colleagues at Media Recruiting Group.

    His roster of open positions is always comprised of challenging opportunities with some of today’s most exciting companies. More importantly, Steve goes way beyond just understanding the responsibilities associated with the role, by taking the time to understand the company’s management and financial structure. Steve’s thoughtful insight towards his clients’ company – combined with the extensive knowledge of their industry – far surpasses what other search firms can offer.

    For the executive seeking new opportunities, there is never a risk of being unprepared or blindsided with new information during the interview; likewise, hiring employers are assured they are only meeting the most qualified candidates who are thoroughly screened in advance. Steve knows that success is achieved only when both client and job seeker recognize a perfect fit, and with that Media Recruiting Group’s record speaks for itself.

  • Media Recruiting Group has placed various sales executives throughout my tenure at SAY Media and I can say Steve, Risa and their team have both a discerning eye for talent, and a keen sense for character and integrity. SAY Media requires a certain breed of strategic selling and MRG has spent time to understand these needs to deliver candidates that perform, candidates that last, candidates that think.

    What differentiates MRG is their diligence in going beyond the basics (qualifications, skill sets, experience) by developing a full understanding of our company culture in pursuit of candidates who will work both on paper and in practice. Furthermore, in a time where the industry needs it, they go above and beyond for his clients and his business to offer incredibly practical and valuable career training opportunities that result in stronger skill sets for his clients and stronger candidates for his customers – evidenced by various successful SAY Media candidates who have surfaced through these courses. Steve and Risa are “finders of rare finds” and – in that sense – a rare find themselves.

  • Steve, Risa, Janet, and the whole team at Media Recruiting Group were an excellent resource during my job search. They not only placed me in to a job I love, they also negotiated on my behalf, provided strategic thinking and recommendations, and were overall a pleasure to work with.

  • Working with Media Recruiting Group, I never felt that they cared more about their commission than about me as a professional and a person.  Steve provided me with several interesting options and never tried to over sell any opportunities he presented.  Instead, we collaborated on the pursuit of jobs and I found a great job through Steve – which is exactly what I was hoping for.  He is both a consummate professional and a gentleman.

  • Professionalism, access and results are three words that come to mind when I think of Media Recruiting Group. Risa & Steve Goldberg and their team are extremely professional and highly ethical. Over the 15+ years I have worked with them, I have always been extremely pleased with their service and attention to details.

    MRG has provided me with access to many, many successful candidates over the years. Even with making the switch from Print to Online, MRG has delivered strong, solid candidates. Plus, I have always had great service, with my calls and emails are promptly returned. Most importantly, I have had GREAT results. In the past 12 months, we have made three great hires through MRG and are working on a fourth. Even in an extremely tight internet market, MRG has been able to make terrific matches, and has helped us throughout the hiring process. I would highly recommend working with them.

  • I worked with Media Recruiting Group since arriving at our media company more than 12 years ago. At that time, we had an immediate and pressing need for a large number of highly specialized hires as we planned a major overhaul and upgrade of our sales and marketing areas. Media Recruiting was our partner every step of the way, continues to play that role today, and we plan that the partnership will continue forever. Always finding a slate of well qualified candidates within our means to offer them an interesting opportunity, Media Recruiting has been successful for my company time after time. Their understanding and appreciation of our specialized needs is unfailing and much of the publishing success we enjoy today can be traced directly to Media Recruiting’s being able to fill our positions.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Risa Goldberg and her staff at Media Recruiting Inc. for many years and they never disappoint. Media Recruiting has been responsible for finding my organization the most talented sales and marketing people I’ve ever hired. These pros also turned out to be the most loyal and stayed with me for years. Media Recruiting earned my trust by working hard to understand my specific needs and select the right candidates, not just many candidates. I knew before the first interview that the person would be qualified. Thanks Media Recruiting for your personal attention and professionalism.

  • From a client’s perspective, you are assured with Media Recruiting Group of a well-screened pool of candidates. I love working with Media Recruiting Group. They are professional, hard-working and they have great contacts in the industry. I have also had the benefit of being a candidate working with MRG, and landed a key position that propelled my career to the next level. I would highly recommend the Media Recruiting Group to anyone in publishing.