The Ever Changing Digital Media Landscape

  • Posted by Steve Goldberg
  • |
  • August 15, 2012

Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon, we all know them, but it seems we might get to know them more. With stifling economies these heavy hitters continue to shift their attention into other digital verticals, changing not only the way business is done, but also the digital landscape.  A recent digest of an eMarketer report discusses these changes and their impacts on the ways consumers engage into that space.

With Google’s recent test launch of Google Fiber, its internet and cable service, we’re seeing the trend that more and more companies are beginning to offer an integrated network of products and services, from hardware to software, advertising, and commerce.  These vertical movements have a high-level impact on the way businesses shop and how consumers purchase.

For Google, as the owner of the largest video network YouTube, it makes sense to offer Internet and cable services. Additionally, from a digital sales perspective, Google is able to offer its Clients a full 360 offering-from TV and internet ads, to social ads and video solutions. This will no doubt eventually lead to an all encompassing one log-in digital dashboard, which will become a standard in the space.

I think these recent vertical ventures are a direct result of the economic downturn and the tech boom, which forced consumers and agencies alike to become scrappy: demanding a higher bang-for-the-buck than ever before. This in turn has created a mutually beneficial opportunity for digital companies to perpetuate their hold in the market by moving outside of their specialties, if not just to stay competitive, but also for consumers of these products to have an all encompassing platform.