Monday Morning MashUp: The Weekend Digital Media Update

  • Posted by Steve Goldberg
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  • February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For those of you who don’t work on the weekends (you’re blessed), but you may have missed some of the news. Because I was working, I figured I would share the weekend’s top stories in digital marketing, advertising, and social media in a new, weekly Monday morning review.

Groupon Pulls Controversial Ad Campaign

A $3 million Superbowl ad buy turns out to be a bad investment… with maximum damage. After an offensive post superbowl ad (which was supposed to raise money and awareness for causes like, civil rights in Tibet ), Groupon has pulled the series of ads.

Lawrence O’Donnell had a differing opinion on the commercials:

I just think these ads could have been done so many different ways to not be offensive.

Avoid the Crowds With Clever New Foursquare API Application

Foursquare to launch a new API application detailing where it’s busy and where it’s not. This has great implications for marketers and digital advertising, i.e. ads and offers will have the opportunity to drive traffic (during slow times with special incentives), or to gain the most exposure (during peak times).

Stay tuned, new API set to launch in NYC next month.

Three Reasons Why A ‘Do Not Track’ Bill Will Pass In 2011