Media Sales Jobs To Expand Through 2015 with Tablet Computer Craze

  • Posted by Steve Goldberg
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  • January 13, 2011

The age of the tablet computer has arrived. According to Forrester Research, who have more than doubled their long-term sales forecasts for tablets in order to reflect consumer demand, say that tablet sales are going to steadily increase by 2015. These predictions estimate that about 82.1 million people  will own a tablet computer by 2015 – nearly one third of the U.S. Population will have yet another advertising platform in the palm of their hands.

What makes these tablets so popular? Who’s buying? Advertisers and ad-driven media companies alike are basing future strategies on the answers to these questions.

With the age of portability being a key factor in choosing a computer, it’s no surprise that tablets, like the iPad, are moving to the forefront. They are lightweight and fit in just about any bag, making them the perfect carry-on: from books and games to financial analysis tools and magazines, they have it all (for 1.6 lbs).  As the growth of IPads and similar devices continues, it will alleviate, to some extent, the concern some advertisers have with small screens (like the iPhone screen) diminishing the effectiveness of a mobile ad.  On which device screen would you rather see the trailer for “Thor”?

Another enticing factor for buying a Tablet, according to Forrester, is its “lifestyle appeal.” Today’s lifestyle is consumed by instant gratification- consumers want magazines, books, the news, stock information and performance, and access to their friends when they want it (and that’s instantly). The iPad offers consumers the world at their finger tips, and they take it!

And who needs this instant gratification the most? Gen Y, that’s who! Generation Y leads the pack as the most connected to media. In fact, Millennial Marketing estimates Gen Y’ers are tuned into media an average of 10:45 minutes per day ().  This makes perfect sense – the rise of instant communication technologies made possible through use of the Internet as these Echo Boomers were growing up afford them easier facilitation of communication through technology.  According to a study done by Nielsen of more than 64,000 mobile subscribers found 40% of iPad users are ages 25-34.  Warner Brothers and Sony, are you listening?

What does this mean for advertising and digital ad sales jobs? It’s simple, advertising dollars are and will continue to be spent increasingly in the mobile tablet advertising space, through display and applications both, creating an even higher demand for smart, digital-savvy media salespeople.

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