Sales Director

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 A leading Data-focused AdTech platform specializing in the Entertainment vertical is seeking a Sales Director. The platform reaches hundreds of millions of avid users on a monthly basis worldwide with technology that helps advertisers engage their target audiences.


The Sales Director, New York is responsible for managing new business sales activities for brands and agencies in the assigned territory.

  • Identify and acquire sales opportunities in line with the US sales strategy
  • Maximize revenue growth with key media agencies and brands, ensuring specific and regular market coverage
  • Prospect, evaluate and identify important business opportunities
  • Engage with decision makers at all operational levels
  • Sales presentations to large groups with varying degrees of seniority
  • Develop winning strategies & proposals, adjusting sales tactics depending on needs
  • Prepare and execute high impact meetings with prospects and clients
  • Work in collaboration with the rest of the company


  • Demonstrated competencies in securing new digital media sales, have an understanding of the digital advertising ecosystem, and an actionable high-level network of contacts within New York agencies and brands.
  • Experience demonstrating a high level of expertise in identifying, progressing and closing key client opportunities. You will have had experience in taking digital media products to market, evangelizing to key decision makers, and being a results-oriented hands-on “sales hunter” who excels at bringing in new business.
  • Operationally, you will be organized, self-sufficient and comfortable operating on your own steam, experienced at pipeline management both in tools and process and confident in presentation tools and techniques. You will have a broad understanding of technologies such as DMP’s, DSP’s, Data (in its various forms), trading desks, ad exchanges, and performance-based audience targeting.
  • Media planner/buyer contacts at Agencies & Brands in New York
  • Comprehensive understanding of data-driven advertising, programmatic ad targeting & campaign optimization across devices & ad formats
  • Demonstrated capability to deliver revenue over and above targets
  • Clear understanding of industry trends, technologies & pricing models, agency dynamics, campaign planning & buying cycles
  • Knowledgeable of ad campaign, technology, metrics & analysis
  • Confident in both, written and verbal communication; proven presentation ability, with solution-oriented sales mindset
  • Ability to execute both quick turnaround & consultative sales opportunities; self-discipline, time management, self-motivation & resilience.
  • Entertainment and/or Gaming advertising sales experience a plus



    Required Notification:  Certain states require that job postings indicate a minimum and maximum base salary in an effort to not discriminate – a very worthwhile purpose that Media Recruiting Group supports. MRG’s practices are and have always been non-discriminatory, and jobs are open to all candidates with respect to race, color, religion, national origin, military status, sexual orientation, sex/gender, age, national origin, disability, etc.  That said, companies require that we supply them with candidates with very specific experience, and the commensurate compensation for every job varies.  It is a function of a person’s years of experience, type of experience, skills, knowledge of certain computer programs, etc.  And every job may have a unique requirement.  And every job could come in higher or lower than the range we are given.   We do not control the upper and lower ranges for our clients, so we make a best efforts attempt to include information requested by said states.  In the case of sales people, most time it is also a function of their contacts.  If the job is an analyst, analytical skills and experience matter.  Etc.  This makes stating a reasonable minimum and maximum challenging absent all of this information about a given candidate.  Companies also have other elements of compensation, including but not limited to, commission, bonus, equity, profit sharing, varying levels of healthcare coverage and how much a person would have to contribute to the premium, various perks like continuing education, commuter reimbursement, phone reimbursement, etc. – not included in “salary” as the law states.  Thus, know that anything we note in a salary range does NOT include such other compensation elements.  And, as recruiters, we don’t know what all of those elements are, as we are recruiting for a company, not for ourselves, and they do not brief us as to each benefit.  We are a 3rd party and can only estimate to the best of our knowledge, and thus offer the minimum and maximum salary MRG in good faith believes at the time of the posting the client is willing to pay for the advertised job.

    Qualified by all of the above, for this job with requisite/required  years of the required experience and skills, the minimum and maximum salary is approximated at $140k and $170k respectfully, exclusive of commission, bonus, equity, profit sharing, any element of healthcare coverage, any reference to how much a person would have to contribute to the premium of a healthcare plan, any perks, or other forms of compensation.  Fewer years of experience could bring the base salary lower, and more experience could bring the base salary higher, if the company is willing to increase their salary bands.