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A highly-recognized and established multi-channel Publisher/Media Company is seeking a Director of Sales to join our West Coast team. You will be responsible for meeting sales goals and bringing in new advertising partners to our growing company. You are a high-energy, self-sufficient seller that has strong client and agency contacts across categories with emphasis on the Entertainment category. You are a passionate seller with strong streaming and digital sales experience with a proven track record of breaking new business and building/maintaining client relationships. This position requires strong working relationships with marketing, account management, data, activation among others.

We are looking for a self-starter who has strong agency and client connections on the West Coast. You should be a passionate seller with a strong digital and ideally streaming background who can develop large, meaningful partnerships. Strong communication skills are needed as well as the ability to develop strategic and creative solutions for your clients. You should have a proven track record of excellent customer service and exceeding your sales revenue goals.


  • You will generate revenue that meets or exceeds goals
  • Establish strategic relationships with West Coast clients and agency teams
  • Sell full suite of advertising solutions across Streaming, Social, Digital, Video, Programmatic, Data, Custom Content and Print
  • You will use research and insights to develop proactive and requested marketing programs
  • You will cultivate relationships to increase business from existing accounts and build new revenue by breaking new accounts
  • You should have a solid understanding of marketplace needs based on client feedback and be able to use this knowledge to work with the marketing and ad products team to develop strong proposals and proactive ideas for your clients
  • You will provide regular reporting and forecasting


  • Advertising sales & agency experience and bachelor’s degree desired
  • Must be a client-focused seller who has strong experience in online/digital media sales. Experience selling streaming/social a plus with established relationships with agencies and brands
  • Increase revenue and break new accounts across your assigned client list
  • Must be a self-starter with tenacity and enthusiasm to handle diversified account list that will lead to business growth
  • Should be a strategic thinker and organized individual who is able to help create


    Required Notification:  Certain states require that job postings indicate a minimum and maximum base salary in an effort to not discriminate – a very worthwhile purpose that Media Recruiting Group supports. MRG’s practices are and have always been non-discriminatory, and jobs are open to all candidates with respect to race, color, religion, national origin, military status, sexual orientation, sex/gender, age, national origin, disability, etc.  That said, companies require that we supply them with candidates with very specific experience, and the commensurate compensation for every job varies.  It is a function of a person’s years of experience, type of experience, skills, knowledge of certain computer programs, etc.  And every job may have a unique requirement.  And every job could come in higher or lower than the range we are given.   We do not control the upper and lower ranges for our clients, so we make a best efforts attempt to include information requested by said states.  In the case of sales people, most time it is also a function of their contacts.  If the job is an analyst, analytical skills and experience matter.  Etc.  This makes stating a reasonable minimum and maximum challenging absent all of this information about a given candidate.  Companies also have other elements of compensation, including but not limited to, commission, bonus, equity, profit sharing, varying levels of healthcare coverage and how much a person would have to contribute to the premium, various perks like continuing education, commuter reimbursement, phone reimbursement, etc. – not included in “salary” as the law states.  Thus, know that anything we note in a salary range does NOT include such other compensation elements.  And, as recruiters, we don’t know what all of those elements are, as we are recruiting for a company, not for ourselves, and they do not brief us as to each benefit.  We are a 3rd party and can only estimate to the best of our knowledge, and thus offer the minimum and maximum salary MRG in good faith believes at the time of the posting the client is willing to pay for the advertised job.

    Qualified by all of the above, for this job with requisite/required  years of the required experience and skills, the minimum and maximum salary is approximated at $125k and $150k respectfully, exclusive of commission, bonus, equity, profit sharing, any element of healthcare coverage, any reference to how much a person would have to contribute to the premium of a healthcare plan, any perks, or other forms of compensation.  Fewer years of experience could bring the base salary lower, and more experience could bring the base salary higher, if the company is willing to increase their salary bands.