Digital Media Salespeople – The Agency Perspective on Ad Sales

  • Posted by Steve Goldberg
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  • July 28, 2013

Sellers of digital media (online ad sales and mobile ad sales) and digital media technology would be well-served to read this article, as it gives a glimpse of how agency people are being advised internally in terms of relating to you.  Darren Herman,  Chief Digital Media Officer of The Media Kitchen, wrote a brief article called “The Agency Guide to Good Ad Sales”.  It outlines his advice on how to make digital ad agency meetings with digital salespeople more productive.

I love his message to ad salespeople at the end:  “Do your homework.”  This is critical for every seller, and is just as important when interviewing for a digital media sales position.  Too many times, even when reminded, we hear that someone showed up at an interview and was unclear about portions of the client’s business about which they should have known.

As a digital salesperson or as a candidate, you can never over-prepare when it comes to learning about your client’s (or prospective employer’s) business.


Here is the article: