Digital Media Company Aspirations: 9 Firms with No Layoffs – Ever!

  • Posted by Steve Goldberg
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  • May 27, 2010

Source: Fortune

Media companies take note.  There are companies that in the worst of times seem to keep their people working.  When I found this article, I was very surprised.  It reminded me of the day when the corporation actually looked at their workforce in a more parental fashion.  I lived through it: my father spent 25 years at his company, got the gold watch, etc.

With the unprecedented global financial crisis, it has led to so many companies reducing payrolls.  Meet the employers who are staying loyal.  But I dare say, also meet the companies who are very well-managed.

As media recruiters, we have seen devastation in our industry, but there has also been a re-birth.  Media jobs may not have been able to withstand the onslaught of 2008-2009, and stability in our industry may never be totally attainable.  But look to media companies with smart management, strong business models, a competitive advantage, and a focus on staff well-being and professional development.

Here are 9 “Best Companies” Fortune featured in 2009 that, as of mid-January 2010, have still never had a layoff:

1. Nugget Market (2009 Best Companies rank: 10)
2. Devon Energy (2009 Best Companies rank: 13)
3. Aflac (2009 Best Companies rank: 26)
4. QuikTrip (2009 Best Companies rank: 27)
5. The Container Store (2009 Best Companies rank: 32)
6. NuStar Energy (2009 Best Companies rank: 44)
7. Stew Leonard’s (2009 Best Companies rank: 53)
8. Scottrade (2009 Best Companies rank: 60)
9. Publix Super Markets (2009 Best Companies rank: 88)

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