Ad Sales Executives – Follow the Video Eyeballs

  • Posted by Steve Goldberg
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  • September 14, 2010

Digital advertising sales flourish the more people are watching.  Where video is concerned, Google continues to generate the highest volume of traffic to online video content sites.  However, as we look at Q2 we find that Facebook and Twitter are growing faster than the major search engines in terms of video streams referred, according to the latest quarterly research report from TubeMogul and Brightcove (the research report analyzes consumer engagement from a sample of Brightcove video customers).

If current trends continue, Facebook – currently growing at a rate 48.3% per month – will be second only to Google within the year. Other Q2 findings include:

  • Pure-play web media properties continue to show strong growth with nearly 300 million video streams in Q2, while video streams also surged in the newspaper vertical, which enjoyed a massive surge after the BP oil spill by more than 65% to almost 225 million streams between Q1 and Q2
  • off-site viewers (viewers who are watching from embedded players) watch an average of 40 seconds longer than viewers watching within a brand’s own site
  • Americans tend to watch videos significantly longer than international viewers, averaging a full 54 seconds longer than viewers in the EU, for example